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Local Authority Work

Nelson Birch & Sons Ltd are Approved Local Authority Contractors. We work with your organisation to deliver projects to specification, from supplied plans and drawings, or by offering our helpful advice and expertise.

With over 45 years experience, we are a trustworthy, family owned business providing a complete construction service from site clearance, excavation and drainage to surfacing, kerbing and white lining.

We specialise in Car Parks, Footpaths, Playgrounds, Drop Kerbing and Forecourts.   Certified in Streetworks and C.I.T.B, we have the right equipment and machinery necessary for any size job, and adhere to the latest Health and Safety regulations.  We ensure Public Safety at all times by using clear safety signage to guide the public around ongoing works. 

You can rely on Nelson Birch and Sons to complete your projects with the care and attention that it requires.  We are very professional and capable, and only use quality materials laid to the correct depths which achieve the best results for durability and longevity.